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Lypospheric Vitamin C 30 packets 1000 mg

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Lypospheric Vitamin C provides maximum absorption into cells due to the lypospheric delivery system.

Nothing is more important than your Health and Well Being!

World renowned Dr. Thomas Levy documents the many functioins of High Dose Vitamin C in his book Primal Panacea (available at Soothe Your Soul) and how it can prevent, ameliorate or cure 100's of health conditions like:
·    Heart Disease (America's #1 killer)
·    Cancer
·    Osteoporosis
·    Viral Pneumonia
·    Staph Infections
·    Shingles
·    Measles
·    Flu
·    Viral Hepatitis
·    Cataracts
·    Inflammation
·    and so much more!

1. Vitamin C is necessary for the following functions in the Human Body

·    Is a master anti-oxidant, neutralizing toxins, and free radicals, preventing cellular damage and disease
·    Keeps veins and arteries healthy, preventing high cholesterol, high blood pressure and blocked arteries
·    Stimulates the immune system
·    Necessary to build collagen, including the collagen matrix that keeps bones healthy and flexible bones
·    Destroys cancer cells (if there is a high enough dose to get into the cancer cells)
·    and much more!

2. Widespread Deficiency of Vitamin C Most Likely Caused by Genetic Mutation
·    Humans have the genetic code to synthesize Vitamin C, synthesizing as much as 100,000 mg or more of Vitamin C, but it is not working, pointing to a probable genetic mutation
·    Other animals can synthesize as much as several hundred thousand mg of Vitamin C.

3. Humans have very few receptors to absorb Vitamin C supplements,  so most oral supplements     are only marginally effective.  We did not need many receptors, since at one time we synthesized Vitamin C.

 4. Lypospheric Vitamin C is 50 times more absorbable than any other Vitamin C
·    In fact, Dr. Levy says that Lypospheric Vitamin C is 10 times more absorbable than intravenously administered Vitamin C
·    The reason is that the Vitamin C is placed in microscopic "lypospheres", which are composed on a phospholipid, the same material as our cell walls, and so they are easily absorbed through the intestinal wall and into the cells
We highly recommend any of Dr. Levy's Books and DVDs (available at Soothe Your Soul).  His books are packed with important facts about the amazing and pervasive healing power of Vitamin C, like the following examples:

*** Dr. Levy presents so much great information in his books and DVDs,  which are highly researched with thousands of clinical and research studies referenced. For example:

*** Dr. Levy describes a study of 19,000 men and women over a 10 year period, Vitamin C reduced death from all causes by 50%!

*** Shingles gone in 3 days? According to Dr. Levy in his book Primal Panacea (available at Soothe Your Soul) 100% of Shingles cases were resolved in 3 days (327 of 327 cases in a study) with High Dose Vitamin C. Dr. Levy's book is packed with documented researched the healing abilities of Vitamin C - but the key is high dose.

*** As a cardiologist, Dr. Levy exposes the Pharmaceutical Industry's suppression of the fact that Vitamin C deficiency is the single most important factor in all heart disease (America's #1 cause of death)!  Dr. Levy explains in easy layman's language how the inner lining of arteries (the intima) deteriorates without sufficient Vitamin C, causing the onset of high cholesterol, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases.

*** His book Primal Panacea details how important Vitamin C is in preventing heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, and preventing and/or curing 100's of other diseases! Vitamin C neutralizes the effects of 100's of toxins, such as lead, cadmium, BPA, poisons and even radiation!

*** The key in all cases is getting High Dosage! Dr. Levy explains how Vitamin C (if you have a high enough dose that gets into the cells) destroys cancer cells and prevents metastasis of cancer.

*** Lyposomal Vitamin C is a huge breakthrough! When you take 1,000 mg of Lyposomal Vitamin C, you absorb 98-100%! You can finally get High Dose Vitamin C without the pain and expense of an IV! When you take 1,000 mg of virtually any vitamin C, you urinate out about 900 mg, and of the 100 mg that goes into your bloodstream, only a fraction of that is absorbed into the cells.

*** Dr. Levy gives solid evidence that people taking high dose vitamin C have seen amazing results: herpes vanishing in 2 days, long standing coughs disappearing, blood pressure reducing, and much, much more! Do yourself and your family a favor, and come to Soothe Your Soul to get Dr. Levy's book and some High Dose Vitamin C!

How to take Lypospheric Vitamin C:  Take Lypospheric Vitamin C on an empty stomach  You will get maximum benefit by tearing open the packet and sucking it down, drink water afterwards.  
Alternatively, you can squeeze the contents into water, but if you do, DO NOT stir it in the water, leave it in globular gel form and allow it to slide down your throat.  Wait at least 15 minutes before eating..  

For acute conditions, up to 1-2 packets can be taken every 1-2 hours.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.