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Overview - What are Crystals?
    Formed in the earth or sometimes atmoshphere (such as moldavite travelling). In fact 85% of the earth is made up of crystal, the crust being largely silicon and oxygen, combined with six other common elements - aluminum, iron, calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium.


Crystals are known to conduct, store, transfer amplify and magnify energy and are used as such in many industries for such purposes.


There are seven general shapes in which crystals are formed. (See Crystal Power, Crystal Healing)


    Beauty, epecially natural beauty tends to be very healing. We almost always feel better when exposed to something beautiful in nature. It tends to connect us with our own beauty and with God.


    Crystal possess a spirit or life force, sometimes referred to as a nature spirit or deva. The spirit of a crystals can communicate with us. They can transmit information, including information that we or other beings have stored in them in past lives or other dimensions.
    Crystals are energetic beings. They have vibrations and frequencies based on there physical make up and their spiritual evolution.


How to choose a crystal:
  Mainly, you should choose a crystal the you feel attracted to. When you hold the crystal you should feel good.

Some people choose the crystal based on how it looks. Beauty can be healing

Crystals can be chosen via a pendulum dowsing.

You can also choose a crystal for it's documented properties, however, include some measure of intuition and

feeling in the process


How do crystals work:
  Crystals vibrate at certain frequencies. They transmit these frequencies to us to help us transform in numerous ways.

They actually resonate at the same frequency as human fluids, including blood

They help us to receive spiritual consciousness by vibrating the vibrations of that consciousness.

They help us to surrender.

Basic Energy Excercise
  Learn to sense energy.


Work with the crystals.
  Trust your own ability to feel the crystal and it's vibrations


Suggested Reading

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