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Elestial Quartz

Elestial Quartz
Connects you with the wisdom of the Universe, the truth of the self, spiritual information with regard to the history and future of the self. Brings understanding on a deep spiritual level of karma, destiny and current spiritual and physical challenges, distresses, and diseases including layers of causes. Helps to heal emotional wounds, and remember the infinite supply of love within. Helps you feel and express feelings.


Best ways to use: Meditation, environment, on the body, carry in pocket/pouch, elixir.

Specific Use Description
Receiving and Understanding the Wisdom of the Universe In Meditation, rub the etched layers of the crystal to (according to Melody) access the wisdom of the universe. It carries the memory of all that is before the existence of humanity
Healing Emotional wounds, allowing for love to flow within Aligns the heart and intellect, so you can look within, seeing the truth of oneself and the love that has always been there.
Access the deep self and the Sub-conscious In a meditative state (and if you wish, gazing into the crystal) helps you go deep within yourself and can enable you to access the sub-conscious self
Information on the past, present and future, including past lives Brings spiritual information with regard to one's personal existence throughout time: past lives, present life and future. This includes past lives with other people.
Spiritual development and awareness, including awareness of Immortality increases awareness of the most spiritual part of your being. Produces and expanded state of awareness to access the brilliance of the spiritual self. Brings awareness of what needs to be cleared and released from the emotional and mental bodies and helps one effect that release.
Transformation, Change Helps to sustain and fortify you during change, by preparing you for transformation, and providing for understanding of the need for change
Cause of Dis-ease or Distress Reveals the hidden causes and layers of causes of dis-ease and distress. Helps you release the cause, decreasing or eliminating the effect

Very effective to be used by a healer, or in healing the self. (Melody suggests using a herkimer diamond in conjunction with the elestial to intensify the effect)

Recognize, understand and express feelings truthfully Helps you to accurately feel both emotionally and physically in real time and express the feelings when they occur, stimulating the power of personal expression and potential.
Eliminates Confusion Stabilizes brainwave frequencies, easing erratic thinking patterns and confusing thoughts.
Healing, cleansing awakening Elestials can be of great assistance in mass cleansings, healings and re-awakening of the consciousness of the planet. Their energies are intensified at locations of energy vortexes.
Karma and Lessons Helps process karmic lessons more easily , eliminating the need to repeat harsh lessons in future lifetimes.
Treatment of: Epilepsy, schizophrenia and drug related burn out.

Diminishes vertigo and physical imbalances in the body. Restores emotional and mental stability.