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Citrine Properties

Specific Use Description Best Ways/Use
Does not Hold Negative Energy

Cleanses Aura

Balances Yin/Yang Energy


Citrine is one of the 2 stones on the planet that does not hold or accumulate negative energy and so never needs clearing and cleansing.

Excellent for clearing the aura, cleansing muddy areas in the aura and the physical body.

Balances the yin/yang energy of the body.


On the body (Jewlelry on pouch)



Gem Essence


Navel Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra

Root Chakra, comfort and Optimism

Faceted form, stimulates Crown Chakra

Opens, activitates and energizes Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras.

Also works with the root chakra, creating comfort and optimism.

Especially in the faceted form, stimulates crown chakra, awakening the mind and stimulating problem solving.


Emotional Issues of

Personal Power

Release limiting blockages

Becoming more extroverted

ncreases personal power, confidence, creativity, intelligent decisiveness. Increases self confidence to be ourselves, be creative, dynamic, expressive, adventurous and enjoy life.

Releases blockages that limit us.

Encourages one to be more exrroverted.

Stimulates mental focus and endurance.


Family & Group problems, unites and finds solutions


Positively influences interpersonal relationships. Helps smoothe family or group problems, producing cohesiveness in the group and creating solutions.


Prosperity and Wealth Helps one to acquire and maintain wealth.


Digestive problems, Spleen, Pancreas and early diabetes.


Aids and stimulates digestion and useful in digestive disorders. Beneficial to the spleen and pancreas and can alleviate diabetes in the early stages.


Blood Circulation, Lessen growths, Strengthen nervous system,Increases vision Balances thyroid and activates thymus.


Promotes blood circulation.

Faciliatates diminishment of growths.

Strengthens the nervous system.

Warming effect on the body.

Increases visual abilities.

Balances the thyroid and activates the thymus.