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Chrysoprase Properties

Specific Use Description Best Ways/Use
Nurturing Energy

Encourages Brotherhood, Goodwill

Pathway to Receive

Thought Transmissions


A type of chalcedony. General properties of chalcedony are:

provides a pathway for receiving thought transmissions. It has a nurturing energy, encouraging "brotherhood", benevolence and goodwill.




On the Body




Heal a Broken Heart,



Chrysoprase helps to heal a broken heart with understanding and spiritual/emotional growth. It encourages fidelity in both personal and business affairs.


Heart Chakra

Balances Yin-Yang

Aligns Chakras


It opens, activates and energizes the heart chakra. Through the loving energy of the heart, it balances the yin-yang energy of the body, aligns the chakras and supplies energy to the body where needed.


Brings Compassion, Acceptance, Grace and aids in Speech Fluency Chrysoprase brings grace, compassion, acceptance , adaptability. It helps one to accept oneself, others and circumstances, facilitating a non judgmental attitude. Also helps speech fluency.


Increased Assimilation of Minerals and Vitamin C, Heart Disorders


It is used to improve assimilation of minerals and Vitamin C in the body.

Treats heart disorders.

Reproduction Organs



Can increase fertility when consciously directed and treat reproductive organs.