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Chrysanthemum Properties

Chrysanthemum Stone

Chrysanthemum stone is comprised of dolomite, gypsum-bearng clay, limestone, with crystals of andalusite, celestite, feldspar or calcite which are grouped in patterns resembling chrysanthemum flowers.

Brings joy to life and spiritual growth. Helps you lighten up, see the "flowers" within yourself and have healthy expression of your inner child, while moving toward your "perfect" and eternal self.

Best ways to use: meditation, environment, on the body, carry in pocket/pouch, elixir.

Specific Use Description
Spiritual growth while maintaining a state of fresh fun-loving innocence Helps you lighten up! Allows you to realize that you can achieve spiritual growth while allowing healthy expression of your inner child.
Taking time to enjoy each moment According to Melody it "allows one to take the time to drift slowly through the blossoms of life instead of trampling the flowers of experience". Chrysanthemum stone reminds us that time is sometimes not valued until it is passed.
Perfect and Eternal Self It helps you "bloom" and progress into your perfect self. It also helps you to understand that the flower is always within yourself, and that it has always and will always be there, before, during and after existence on this physical plane.
Harmony and change Chrysanthemum stone allows you to understand that you can have harmony in change, and therefore helps you change in a harmonious manner.
Joy of Achievement Stimulates completion of endeavors through the energy of joy of achievement.
Ability to see the Big Picture Widens perceptions so you can see the big picture. In doing so it also minimizes narrow minded attitudes.
Jealousy, Animosity, Resentment Helps eliminate these negative emotions.
Replaces Ignorance, Bigotry, and Self-righteous attitudes with Love Helps you to release judgment and ego and negative programming which cause spiritual ignorance, bigotry, and self-righteous attitudes. It helps you to realize that the prime reason for being in the physical body is to bring love to all, increasing and multiplying positive energy in the world.
Soothes the trauma of physical maturity Helps to lessen the traumas of physical maturity and aging and replaces that with radiance.
Inspiration, motivation, vitalization Chrysanthemum stone inspires, motivates and kindles a desire and impetus to begin whatever is important to you and your spiritual development.
Releases superficiality and mental distractions It helps you to release superficiality and mental distractions which weaken your mind.
Time Travel Through the inner sight, it assists you to progress or ascend to specific time periods as desired.
Eyes, skin, skeletal system Used to treat disorders of the eyes, skin and skeletal system.
Toxins and Growths Chrysanthemum is useful in eliminating toxins and reducing and/or preventing unhealthy growths.
Chrysanthemum Stone also has all the properties of the stones that comprise it (listed above).