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Black Tourmaline Properties

Black Tourmaline
Specific Use Description Best Ways/Use
Balance Auric Body, Release Victim Consciousness


All colors of tourmaline balances the male/female energies and the auric body. Aligns the mental process with the ethereal bodies. Tourmaline has been used by Shamans to awaken the spirit from the dream of illusion. Helps one to release victim consciousness with a positive attitude. All Around one's

Home and Car

On Computer



On the Body



Repels Negative Energy


Black tourmaline repels and protects against negative energy. Protects you from being victimized by negative energy sent to you. Black Tourmaline in quartz will not only cancel the negative energy but energize the "victim". Black tourmaline returns the negative energy to the sender and allows one to view the sender of the negative energies.


Grounding Grounding (very). Can connect the root chakra with the center of the earth.


Deflects Radiation Excellent energy deflector, especially with regard to radiation. Use it on your computer, keyboard, or in other areas of radiation.


Physically/Emotionally vitalizing, Mental Acuity Energizing and vitalizing physically. Helps with mental acuity. Emotionally stabilizing and uplifting to the spirit even in times of gloom and doom.


Adrenal Glands, Helps with Arthritis, Heart Dis-ease. Stimulates reflex points associated with the lower back. Treats arthritis, dyslexia, heart disease, anxiety and disorientation. Stimulates and balances the adrenal glands.  


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