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Aquamarine Properties

Specific Use Description Best Ways/Use
Throat Chakra

Speaking Truth

Higher Communication



Sore Throat

Swollen Glands

Pituitary Gland and

Hormonal Balance

Thyroid Gland and


Stimulates, activates and cleanses the Throat Chakra, including providing for ease in expression, speaking your truth, generating a higher vibration of communication of gentleness and compassion.

It also influences the physical aspects of the throat chakra, such as sore throat, swollen glands harmonizing the pituitary and thyroid glands, metabolism and hormonal balance.

Aquamarine has a flowing, water like energy, but is perfectly balanced with a structure, so that it helps clarify and purify states of overwhelm and confusion, especially helping to open the senses to higher intelligence, processing and integrating that intelligence.

The results include helping a person attune to their higher self (consciously or unconsciously), helping a person who is overwhelmed by responsibility to bring order and resolution. It also provides shielding for the aura and the subtle bodies.

Another result is a lightheartedness and a happy relaxed disposition, because of the smooth resolution.

It helps protect from pollutants in the environment.

It improves vision and calms overreactions of the immune system, autoimmune dis-eases and allergies, especially hayfever.



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