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Chrysocolla Properties

Specific Use Description Best Ways to Use
Re-energizes all the chakras, aligning with the divine Promotes acceptance, release of judgment, guilt, removes destructive emotional programming. At the third eye, it opens psychic vision.  
Revitalizing calming, harmonizing. Strength in times of stress, purifies emotional and home environment. Calms the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras. Creates harmony by releasing the stress of negative emotions. Eliminates negativity from within a person. Stabilizing energy for the home and re-building relationships.  
Strength and balance in expression and communication, and meditation. Truthfulness Opens the throat chakra, enhances, grounds and stabilizes expression and communication. Helps one refrain from expression when silence would be best. Promotes being truthful  
Motivating and strengthening, especially in times of stress Can create great inner strength and enhances physical vitality and stimulates initiative, helping during stressful and enduring situations.  
Increased capacity to love, eases emotional heartache Gives renewed strength and balance at the heart chakra. Eases emotional heartache.  
Attunement to Earth healing Assists in communication with earth's spiritual forces, to understand what is required for Earth to heal itself. Direct one to increase ionization of atmosphere.  
Attunement to Knowledge of what's needed for perfect health In healing, helps one tune in to the perfection of the universe, bringing information to exactly what's needed to re-align into perfect health.  
Detoxifies liver, kidneys and intestines Treats digestive tract problems, ulcers, blood disorders.  
Pancreas, blood sugar regulation, ulcers, female Helps to regenerate the pancreas, regulate insulin and balance blood sugar, helps menstrual irregularity  
Breathing, oxygenation and lungs Promotes greater lung capacity. Excellent in cellular re-oxygenation. Use for all conditions of the lungs (asthma, emphysema, tuberculosis)  
Muscular strength and reduces muscle spasms combined with the ability to release stress, it also helps build strength  
Arthritis, bone dis-ease